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Public Procurement Reform Program (PPRP)

The success of governance has since been hinged on the need for an efficient procurement process that would not only reduce the cost of governance but also aid the attainment of the goals of government.

The reform of Public Procurement in Ekiti to ensure efficiency and the speedy delivery of the dividends of democracy has become necessitated by the urgency to improve which all organizations should do in order to remain productive vis-a-vis the deficiencies noticed from the operation of BPP in the past which the reform aims to correct.

The need to look inwards and ensure a review of the Public Procurement system will strengthen the attainments of the aims of governance while ensuring that present and future administrations benefit from a process that is clear, result-oriented and accountable. Among the key deciders of government performance is the body saddled with the task of procurement which is a necessary governmental function.

The current situation is characterized by a need for reform necessitated by the legal framework, a need for enforcement of existing laws, the establishment of a procurement cadre, the establishment and implementation of e-procurement, the training, retraining and capacity building of members along with ensuring service delivery and orientation.

The key objectives for establishing the Bureau of Public Procurement under the Law, Ekiti State Public Procurement Law No 2 of 2010 are identified as;

  1. Harmonization of the existing government policies and practices on public procurement and ensuring probity, accountability and transparency in the procurement process.
  2. Establishment of pricing standards and benchmarks;
  3. Ensuring the application of fair, competitive, transparent, value for money standards and practices for the procurement and disposal of public assets and services and;
  4. Attainment of transparency, competitiveness, cost effectiveness and professionalism in the public sector procurement system.

The present administration has left no one in doubt as to its readiness to abide with all existing laws and regulations guiding Public Procurement in the state. In order to reflect the desire of the BPP to support the government in achieving all its noble desires and intentions, there is a need for the BPP to double its efforts and rejig its procedures to ensure a smooth and seamless discharge on its mandates.

  1. Reform of Laws, regulations and processes
  2. Enforcement of Laws, regulations and processes
  3. Establishment of Procurement Officers Cadre within the Public Service of Ekiti State
  4. Establishment and implementation of e-procurement
  5. Training and Capacity building
  6. Service Delivery and Orientation

Enforcement of Laws, Regulations and Processes

The absence of enforcement stills the validity of a law. The need to enforce the laws to ensure probity, citizen confidence in the governance and to ensure the official discharge of the duties of the BPP is emergent. The law as it relates with the BPP in Ekiti is found in the Public Procurement Law of 2010. The publication of this law with circulation to officers of the BPP along with processes contained therein will enable the Law to gain its status of respect and ensure that due process is followed in the Bureau of Public Procurement. Requisite follow-up processes should be put in place to ensure that the law is enforced.

Establishment of Procurement Officers Cadre within the Public Service of Ekiti State

In order to ensure that Public Procurement functions are professionalized and enhanced, there is the need to have a cadre within the state and local government service to handle procurement functions. Over the years, about 40 percent of the state budget has always being dedicated to the capital expenditures. However, the process leading to the disbursement of this percentage of our annual budget have always been left in the hands of untrained and non-consistent officers of different cadres. This has resulted in inadequate record keeping and miss-procurement and poor budget performance. Kindly note that the cade has been in existence at the FG since 2007 and in many neighboring states. The modalities for the recruitment and deployment of the officers will be handled by the necessary HOS, CSC and OE&T. The existence of the cade will enable the BPP to supervise the implementation of established procurement principles.

Establishment and implementation of e-procurement

It is not new that the world has since gone digital. The Bureau needs to reflect modern practices in carrying out its functions. This has been initiated already with the acquisition and application of the procurement planning software. The BPP will do everything possible to ensure that procuring entities are able to prepare a realistic work plan and procurement plan. Necessary capacity building efforts will be carried out through direct trainings, workshop and coordination meetings for MDAs, LGAs, HOA, Judiciary, Tertiary institutions and other procurement stake holders.

Effective procurement planning and preparation will produce more efficient and economical procurements which will ensure easy and timely delivery of goods and services. These would happen through the acquisition of hardware and software to ensure the functioning of the e-procurement service. This would be complemented by the establishment of BPP dedicated ICT unit and BPP active portal.

Training and Capacity building

The truism of the fact that all organizations are established on people is true too of the BPP. The staff need to be brought to a place where they can understand the global best practices and how they can fit into the vision of the body as it seeks to assure quality in purchases while complementing it with the best prices that favour the agenda of government. The BPP by virtue of the establishing Law is to undertake procurement research and surveys, organize trainings, development programs for procurement professionals, introduce, develop, update and maintain related database and technology as well as coordinate relevant training programs to build institutional capacity.

Service Delivery and Orientation

The delivery of services is the aim of the BPP from the word ‘go!’. The delivery of these services is essential to the successful running of government. The orientation of workers also plays a large role and the tailoring of the service delivery process to ensure it is without error has become a necessity. This would be a huge feature of the reform program.

The reforms would go a long way to put Ekiti Government ahead and able to deliver the dividends of democratic governance. The BPP will become more efficient as a result of these reforms and would serve as the arm with which effective administration is reached. These reforms have become necessary to keep the Bureau up-to-date in line with its official functions.

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