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List of Contracts Awarded in 2020 (Valid as at June 2020)

1. Completion of Ekiti State Civic Center, Ado-Ekiti Ongoing.

For completion in September 2020

2. Ekiti State Safe City and City Watch Project (Ado-Ekiti and border locations) Project’s scope and technical details undergoing variations.
3. Secretariat for Ekiti State Council of Traditional Rulers, Ado-Ekiti Project design undergoing variations
4. Completion of Ekiti State Governor’s Lodge, Ikeja, Lagos State Ongoing.

For completion in August 2020

5. Rehabilitation of Ero/Egbe Dams and Piping of Water from Ero Dam to Ado-Ekiti Ongoing.

For Completion in December 2020

6. Construction of 4nos. Model Secondary Schools in Ado-Ekiti, in honour of:

·       Senator Ayo Fasanmi (Ilukun)

·       David Oke (Along Ikere Road)

·       Prof. Banji Akintoye (along Poly Road)

·       Deji Fasuan (along Afao Road)]


For completion by September 2020

7. Completion of Oba Adejugbe Hospital, Ado-Ekiti Ongoing
8. Completion of construction of Oja Oba Market, Ado-Ekiti Ongoing.

For completion by July 2020

9. Purchase and installation of 1000KVA Electricity Generator for Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado-Ekiti Completed
10. Completion of 2nos. Secretariat buildings (Phase V and VI) at the State Secretariat, Ado-Ekiti Ongoing.

For Completion by October 2020

11. Repair/Rehabilitation works on Ado Metropolis Roads. Ongoing and continuous
12. Construction of New Office Complex Building at Public Works Corporation (PWC), Ekitikete Compound, Ado-Ekiti Completed June 2020
13. Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Road Projects


·       Oye-Ikun Road Road (Length = 34.4km; Ave. Width = 7.3m)

·       Ado-Ilawe-Igbara Odo-Ibuji Road (3km construction + 7km rehabilitation)

·       Aramoko-Erijiyan-Ikogosi Road (Length = 13km; Ave. Width = 7.3m)

·       Agbado-Ode-Isinbode-Omuo Road (Length = 30.5km; Ave. width = 7.3m)

·       Ilupeju-Ire-Igbemo—Ijan Road (Length = 25.6km; Ave. Width = 10.3m)


Set of various completion dates between December 2020 and June 2021

14. Construction of 2-lane dual carriage Ado-Iyin road (Length = 7km 4-lane road; Ave. Width = 8.8m/lane) Ongoing.

For completion by December 2021.

15. Ekiti Elderly Peoples’ Home and Recreation Center Project slowed down due to COVID19.

March 2021 delivery date subject to change

16. 2nos. Faculty Buildings at College of Agriculture and Technology, Isan-Ekiti Ongoing

For completion by October 2020

17. Renovation of State Assembly Building, Ado-Ekiti Ongoing
18. Installation of 30tons/hour Asphalt Processing Plant at Public Works Corporation in Ado-Ekiti Completion and operational
19. Purchase and installation of brand new 250KVA Generator for State House of Assembly, Ado-Ekiti Completed.
20. Reactivation of Ikun Dairy Farm On course.
21. Rehabilitation of Internal Roads at Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital Ongoing.

For completion in July 2020

22. Project for the Fencing of Airport designated area Ongoing.

For completion by December 2020.

23. Construction of Access Road to the Bon Hotel, along Iworoko Road, Ado-Ekiti Completed
24. Construction of Internal Roads at Oye campus of the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti To be completed in August 2020
25. Purchase of ICT equipment and upgrade of data center for Government Business. Completed
26. Purchase and installation of 3KVA online and 7.5KVA offline solar inverter at Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital. Completed
27. Purchase of vehicles and equipment for establishment of Regional Amotekun Security Outfit. Completed
28. Renovation works on designated offices for Amotekun operations and headquarters, Ado-Ekiti. For completion by September 2020
29. Construction of supporting facilities, external works and electrification at Agric Olope Market, Ado-Ekiti. For completion by September 2020
30. Consultancy Services for Master Planning, Land Use Planning and Urban Design for Ekiti State Knowledge Zone. Ongoing
31. Engagement of Consultant for Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP). Completed
32. Reconstruction of 4 Span Bridge along Oke-Ako Road, Ikole LGA. NEWMAP
33. Procurement and installation of Molecular Laboratory for COVID-19 tests Completed

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