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Through our ongoing Public Procurement Reform Program, the Ekiti State Bureau of Public Procurement is poised on infusing transparency, accountability, efficiency and professionalism into its procurement operations and practices through the implementation of a robust e-Procurement platform that complies with global standards and guidance.

Our envisaged e-Procurement platform will cover, at a high-level, the following modules in line with the recommendations of the World Bank:


Provides the necessary system functionality for user/vendor registration, authentication and authorization;


Makes it possible to search the data stored in the e-Procurement System. The exact functional support of the module exclusively depends on the data available in the system.

e-Procurement Planning

Provides the necessary system functionality for the responsible users to periodically set up a procurement plan exercise according to their needs, defining the budgets for all goods, services and works planned to be procured through procurement competition


Provides the necessary functionality for Contracting Authorities to setup a Tender from the very beginning, and eventually render it available to Economic Operators (Eos) for consultation and Bid submission


Provides the necessary functionality for Contracting Authorities (CAs) and Economic Operators (EOs) to communicate in order to clarify particular aspects of the Tender and to enable EOs to prepare their Bids and upload them onto the system.


Allows Contracting Authorities (CAs) to open, decrypt and evaluate the bids submitted to EOs in the context of a Tender, as well as to award contracts to the successful bidders.

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