O’seun Odewale

Director General
E-mail: bpp@ekitistate.gov.ng
Brief info

Odewale is presently the Director-General at the Bureau of Public Procurement at of the Government of Ekiti State. He also serves as Special Adviser on Public Procurement to the Governor. He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering Technology, Chemistry (Medical Chemistry) and International Political Affairs. He also holds professional training diplomas in Community Local Participation; International Elections Observation; Mentoring Young Leaders, and; the African Contingency Operations and Training Assistance among others.

This ‘chemist’ has trans-mutated and garnered more than two decades of local and international work experiences in social and development work, spanning especially the West African sub-region. He has worked variously with regional institutions like the West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF), the West African Bar Association (WABA); and the Economic Community of West African State covering Youth Development, Governance and Human Rights, and Disaster Risks Reduction respectively. His research experiences spanning the academic and development sectors cover both the natural and social sciences focusing on human rights, governance and political processes, regional integration and human security (security sector governance and architecture). He has over fifteen years of field experiences in Elections Observations and Monitoring in the ECOWAS region as well as in the other parts of Africa.
He has undergone and facilitated a number of training exercises both within and outside Nigeria. His training experiences cover the media, education, youth employment and empowerment, MDGs, youth leadership and democracy. He was a 2006 Research Fellow at the International Leadership Training Seminar (ILTS) of the Danish Association for International Co-operation in Koln, Denmark while in 2013 he was admitted into a doctoral fellowship at the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society where he focused on building “Open Societies in the context of New Technology and the Politics of Control”. This was at a time that he was also a Visiting Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta where he taught “Social Media and Governance in Africa” to sophomores.
Odewale has held consistent ten years of various sensitive public service assignments, both at national and sub-national levels

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